- A consumer's guide to Verizon Fios TV and Internet

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Verizon Fios TV is the most advanced TV service available. Fios TV is powered by an all-new fiber optic network that provides a 100% digital picture, 160+ HD channels, and thousands of On Demand titles each month. The picture quality and expansive programming is unmatched by cable and satellite providers. The Fios TV Preferred HD package includes over 65 HD channels and over 235 total channels for just $74.99 per month. Below you'll find the best Fios TV packages and current specials available.

Current Fios Bundle Promo

Fios TV Ultimate HD

  • 420+ crystal clear all-digital channels including 135+ HD channels
  • Include HBO, Showtime, Movie Channel, and Flix
  • Access to the full Fios on Demand library
  • National and Regional sports channels
  • Local channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox
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Fios TV Extreme HD

  • 320+ crystal clear all-digital channels including 90+ HD channels
  • Get over 115 HD channels when you add the Fully Loaded Entertainment Pack
  • Access to On Demand with thousands of titles
  • National and Regional sports channels
  • Watch TV on your iPad®, Xbox 360®, and supported Smart TV™ and Blu-ray™ players
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Fios TV Preferred HD

  • 235+ crystal clear all-digital channels including 65+ HD channels
  • 46 commercial-free music channels
  • Video On Demand library
  • Local channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox
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A few other TV Packages such as Custom HD or La Conexion may also be available in your area as part of select bundles.

Verizon Fios offers DVR (Digital Video Recorder) equipment options that make it easy to pause, rewind, and record live TV. With the Fios DVR you can actually record two different channels (HD or SD), and even watch a third pre-recorded show, all at the same time. The Home Media DVR option expands the DVR capabilities to any room in the house. Imagine watching a recorded show in the living room, pausing it, then resuming in a different room.

Fios TV Equipment Options
Basic Digital Adapter$5.99/mo
Cable Card (for Cable Card Ready devices like TiVo or some TV's)$3.99/mo
High Definition Set Top Box$12.00/mo
DVR Service$12.00/mo
Multi-Room DVR Service$15.00/mo
Enhanced DVR Service$20.00/mo
Premium DVR Service$32.00/mo

Fios TV Premium Channels
HBO (14 channels + 14 HD channels + HBO On Demand$19.99/mo
SHOWTIME® STARZ® Entertainment Pack - 62 Premium Channels including SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL®, ENCORE®, FLIX® and SUNDANCE®. Includes Premium HD channels and On Demand channels$19.99/mo
Cinemax (12 channels + 10 HD channels + Cinemax On Demand)$15.99/mo

Fios TV programming includes local channels that vary by location. To see the channel lineup in your area, go to Fios Channel Lineup and type in your zip code.

In addition to all the HD channels and superior picture quality, Verizon Fios TV provides additional features such as the Interactive Media Guide. The IMG is a user-friendly graphical interface that displays the channel programming data and provides access to all the Fios TV capabilities. You can search programming, search video on demand, set parental controls, and setup Fios widgets for local weather, horoscopes, and more. Verizon also recently added the capability to remotely manage your DVR from any computer or web-enable mobile phone through the FIOS TV Central website.

To order Fios TV or check your availability, click here: Order Fios TV, and then enter your address or phone number to continue. Verizon bundle promotions usual provide significant discount versus ordering Fios TV alone, so don't forget to checkout a Verizon Fios bundle for maximum savings.