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Here are the best 2 Verizon Fios bundle deals as of Monday, July 16, 2018 (hurry, these deals won't last long!)

Fios TRIPLE PLAY $79.99/mo

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Fios 100 Mbps Internet $39.99/mo

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Common Questions about Fios

Where can I get the latest Fios promotion code?

If there is a Verizon Fios Promo Code available, we will include it in the deal information. Usually an actual promo code is not needed to get one of the featured deals. To get the featured deal, simply follow the deal link, and select that particular promotion during checkout. Occasionally Verizon does require a six-digit code to qualify for a special offer. In those instances you will find the necessary promo codes on this page.

What is Verizon Triple Play?

Triple Play refers to a bundle of services including broadband internet, tv service, and home phone. Verizon Triple Play usually refers to Verizon's basic DSL service combined with home phone and DirecTV Satellite service. Fios Triple Play means that all 3 services are provided through Verizon's advanced Fios network.

Is a contract required to signup?

Currently Verizon is offering Fios Triple Play packages with no contract required, and they even guarantee your price for 2 years (depending on the promotion). For other promotions, usually with better incentives like a reward card, there may be a term contract (1 or 2 year) required to sign up. So basically it depends on the promotion you're signing up with. Make sure to read the terms before completing your order.

Is Fios available where I live? If not, when can I get it?

Availability is probably the most confusing aspect of Verizon Fios. Fios requires an all new state of the art fiber network to be installed on your street before it can be available to you. If Verizon is not your local phone company, then you will probably not see Fios at your address anytime soon. If you have seen lots of digging in your neighborhood along with Verizon trucks, chances are Fios is available or will be available in a matter of weeks.

Deployment of Fios TV requires permission from local or state government, so that may be slowing deployment in your city. Unfortunately there is no official Fios deployment road map available to the public, so no one other than a Verizon engineer can accurately say when Fios will be available at your address. The quickest and easiest way to determine Verizon Fios availability is to enter your address on Verizon's website:
Click Here to check your Verizon Fios Availability.

In most Verizon service areas where Fios is not available, Verizon still offers Triple Play bundles with DSL internet and DirecTV satellite TV service.

What channels to I get with Verizon Fios TV?

You can use the channel lookup tool from Verizon to determine the exact channel lineup available in your area: Fios Channel Lookup

What is the total monthly cost I can expect?

This can tricky to determine, but let's break it down. If your bundle includes Fios TV, you will have to add equipment lease fees to the advertised bundle price. In order to receive the full channel lineup, every TV needs a set top box or cable card. Lease fees start at $3.99/mo per TV. Don't worry, when placing your order online, you will see your total equipment lease costs before finalizing your order. The good new is - unlike some cable and satellite providers there are no DVR service fees or HD service fees.

The "TV portion" of your bill will incur state and local taxes that vary depending on where you live. Check your current TV provider's bill to get an idea on how much these taxes will be. The "internet portion" of your bill may also incur state and local taxes depending on where you live. In some states, like New York, there is no tax on Fios internet. Again, check your current provider to get an idea. Finally, if your bundle includes phone service, you will incur state and local communication taxes on the "phone portion" of your bill. You can also expect a Federal Subscriber Line Charge around $6.50 per phone line. To learn more about common fees and taxes on your phone bill, see: FCC Phone Bill Help.

Of course additional services such as premium movie channels (HBO, etc.) are not included in the advertised bundle price. When you go through Verizon's online order system, it will calculate your monthly total with all selected options and equipment before taxes and fees. It will also calculate your one-time installation charges (if any). So go ahead, there's no obligation to order and you will know exactly what you're getting before you order. Give it a try to see what your actual monthly charges will be and compare it to what you're currently getting with your provider: Verizon Online Ordering

Why get Verizon Fios TV?

Fios TV provides razor-sharp HD picture quality, advanced DVR features (pause, rewind, record TV), access to over 135 HD channels with Fios Ultimate HD, and thousands of Video on Demand titles. When you order TV as part of a bundle deal, you will get all this plus save money over standalone service.

Will the bundle deals still be available if I order Fios at a later time?

Verizon is continually evaluating and changing their promotional offers, so there's no guarantee that a specific offer will be available at a later time. However, if you'd like to stay informed of the latest deals and promotions, sign up for our Fios Updater below.

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Fios Internet - No annual contract
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